Friday, 16 August 2013

WebAnswers and Adsense: a warning

I have neglected this blog somewhat and notice that my last post, written eight months ago was about earning at WebAnswers.

At the time, that proved to be quite a useful way of boosting Adsense earnings without too much effort. Today, however, I deleted my Adsense ID from the site and can no longer recommend it.

I have been worried for some time that my Adsense account could possibly become compromised due to some of the content at WA, which at times touches on topics that are forbidden by Adsense.

One of the advantages of the site is that your Adsense ID shows on random pages, not just on your own questions and answers. Therefore,  you can sometimes pick up high-paying keywords from topics that you yourself are not competent to tackle.

The disadvantage is that the site owners are not particularly proactive in monitoring what is put up. Thus you risk having your ID appear on very dubious content.

Not only that, but the illiterate rubbish that makes up a large part of WebAnswers eventually resulted in the site being badly hit by Panda. Earnings over the last weeks have been dismal.

The last straw came today, when I heard that Google stopped placing its advertisements on the site a couple of days ago. As far as I am concerned, that is a huge danger signal. I removed my idea immediately.

Apparently, one of the site owners has now announced the ads will be back in 24 hours. However, I have taken this incident as a warning and am no longer willing to risk having my Adsense ID associated with WebAnswers.

In the meantime, though, I have found a site that is currently paying very well, for even less effort than WebAnswers. Less effort is required, because it is a social site, where you can post your thoughts, rants or anything else you want. If people read and like what you post, you earn. If they do not, at least you have not wasted time. I do not know how long it will last, but I'm posting there while I can. Follow this link to find out more and sign up.


  1. Another thing to learn is that there is no single route may be to heaven which straight without corners. Many things like ups and downs do happen to everything else just like in life, and which means that a website which is managed by people is no exception.

    Many sites have gone through such and many seen recovering while others have gone done completely but who to blame? What is happening to Webanswers is something which is coming to all content sites if you can take a look at the Google farm update. Morever, Webanswers was not among the list but was hit all of a sudden.

    I would say that other than pin pointing, we should rather focus on improving to the Google required standards for the better. No one is secure on the internet and so to sites including Bubblews, Hubpages, Xomba and the rest.

    This is a time we must be one..

    I was a Webanswers member for a year and made up to £1000 and which is impossible on other sites fir example I made only $30 for the same time on Hubpages.

    What next? Being together is the point..

    Note: Taking a look on the different internet review sites, you find that what is a good site to A is a bad one to B.

    Are yoiu safe with your move?

  2. I agree, of course, that it is not wise to concentrate all efforts on one revenue-sharing site. My own earning experience at WebAnswers was pitiful. Even with over 1000 answers, I never earned more than about ten dollars a month.

    As to being safe, I do not depend on content sites, nor even on writing as such, for my living so safety is not really an issue for me.

    Many people do have to rely on Internet writing alone. Obviously they need to have many baskets for their eggs. For them, I think developing one's own sites as well as building up clients for whom to write is the most useful long-term strategy.

    Content sites may or may not have a place in the strategy too. If they do, a site like the one I mention, which requires minimal effort and provides rapid payout of small sums, would seem a better option than sites, such as Hubpages and Squidoo, which require a massive investment in time and which constantly change the goal posts, usually to the detriment of their members.