Sunday, 9 February 2014

Enviralize me review - anyone have anything good to say?

I had my attention drawn to a site called Enviralize dot me recently as purportedly being a potential source of easy earnings, Jobs supposedly include posting various messages on social media platforms, and, what was of more interest to me, producing reviews of ebooks. 

On signing up, I found myself in a very amateur-looking environment. To get to the book review offers, I was expected to sign up for yet another forum. As for the other jobs, heaven knows where these were to be found!

My suspicions were immediately raised by a very prominent banner advert, which led me to the URL: 
http: // / christcentered/ SP1. html

Now, for a start, an affiliate name of "christcentered" immediately raised my hackles and made me suspect the worst. People who try to use their fundamentalist Christian bigotry as business bait are, in my opinion, inevitably crooks and scammers out to fool the most gullible sectors of society. My suspicions were confirmed when I discovered that yougetpaidfast is indeed a web-based scam akin to the old chain letter principle. Find out more about the site on Ripoff Report

Another banner led to an Amazon entry for a book on booking holidays authored by one Dr. Daniel Klockenbrink. 

So I went hastily back to my profile, looking for a delete profile option. I could not find one. In my opinion, the lack of an easy option to back out of membership is a very strong indicator this is a spam site. I hastily changed my profile details to those of a non-existent resident of the Turks and Caicos. 

I have a strong suspicion that Enviralize is yet another scam hoping to trap the vulnerable.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Earn easy money for answering questions from companies on your phone

I have just been alerted to a new service, which lets companies ask very specific questions to targeted demographic groups of people. You can sign up to answer such questions here.

Once you have signed up, you will receive questions by SMS to your phone. You will be paid one dollar for each question you answer, with the money going into your Paypal account.

Since the service is very new, questions are as yet few and far between. The chance of getting a question will also depend on how your demographic data (country of residence, age, gender, occupation, etc) match what the companies are targeting.  I have however heard from one person, who has already received payments.

Registration is very fast and simple. After that, you need do nothing at all except wait for the messages to come. So it is a really painless procedure that could put a few dollars into your pocket for practically no effort at all. Why not sign-up now!