Sunday, 24 June 2012

Some interesting facts about Endellion Inter Ltd (Home Business System)

Recently I received a spam email from a supposed friend on Facebook, advertising a “Home Business System”, which is being sold by a company called Endellion Inter Ltd, based in Birmingham, UK.
I set myself the challenge of finding out more about these people, because I do not like being spammed, especially by people who call themselves friends of mine.

Endellion Inter Ltd

This company has a registered address at:  Corner Chambers, 590A Kingsbury Road, Birmingham B24 9ND and is a registered limited company in England and Wales,  company no. 07867739. It was first registered at Companies House on 1st Dec. 2011.

The director is listed as a Ms Agnes Jouaneau of Seychellois nationality (more about her below).
This company also markets “The Auction Butler”, which is eBay auction  sniping software patented in the Ukraine in January 2012. It can be found at and

The “System”

This supposed money-making opportunity features on at least four web sites, all featuring Endellion Inter, three of which were registered in May 2012 by a Howard Molly from Dublin, and one by Corner Chambers, which is the first part of the registered address for Endellion Inter Ltd. These sites have been registered at the Center of Ukrainian Internet Names ( Two of these sites are already defunct at the time of writing ( and

The registration seems rather a strange choice for a UK company, but shows a further Ukrainian connection in addition to that of the Ukrainian-patented auction sniping software they sell.

Thus, at the time I received the email, the company had only been in existence for just over 6 months and the web sites promoting its system had only been registered for little over a month. The two active sites are, however, already featuring success story testimonials.

I dug around the active sites for a bit to see what I could find. 
They contain an earnings disclaimer and also state they cannot guarantee the accuracy of testimonials.

Site 1.

 The claim is made that it is possible to make “up to $377 per week”. You are asked to fill in some contact details plus indicate your location in order to go further.

Attempting to leave their landing page without any action triggers the usual pop-up box offering a downsell.

Downsell 1 offers you the system for $77.95 as a reduction from the full price of  $197.95. However, you are warned there are only 2 positions left in your area and you only have 5 minutes to decide. 

This offer amused me, because I did NOT fill in my location details as requested on the initial landing page.

Attempting to leave this page will bring you to a further downsell 2 page at

Here you are warned that there now only ONE position is left in your area, which has been reserved for you for the next 5 minutes at a mere $47.95. Act quickly urges the page, because if you do not, your reserved place will be freed to the thousands of other visitors coming to the web site (oh yes!).

Site 2.

Here the landing page shows the same blurb offering the same scheme. However, if you wish to leave, you are invited to read a letter by Edward Harris, self-styled “one of the most famous home-based jobs consultants”. Unfortunately, I have not managed to find any other reference on the Net to a Mr Edward Harris acting in such a capacity. 

Edward offers great things: “In less than 1 minute he will tell you how to get a job that pays as much as $87 an hour” says the site. (Rather more than the “up to $377 a week” promised on Site 1. 

He spins us the usual hard luck story with happy ending of Internet riches. 

As for the system itself, it is, of course, a blindingly easy way to become rich: “All you have to do to share information is to post link and wait. Each passing day that link gets exposed to more and more potential clients and chances grow that some of them will buy the product”  Yes, right. 

Mr Harris starts his price at $97 but, if you don’t hurry: “In the nearest future, in order to expand the program and to cover additional expenses, I'll have to raise the entrance fee up to $500 and charge monthly membership fee of $29. But it will not affect you, if you sign up right now.” OK

Should you attempt to leave, you will be offered downsell 1 at $77.95 as on Site 1. This time you are taken straight to a payment page, which promises “Instant access to a work at home opportunity that you could make up to $377 a week.” 

Dammit, I wanted that $87 an hour you promised me, Ed! *pout*

Trying to leave downsell 1 will bring you to the same $47.95 downsell 2 offer as on Site 1

Ms Agnes Jouaneau

According to UK company records, this woman of Seychellois nationality is director of at least 40 other UK companies, all with the same registered address in Birmingham as that of Endellion Inter Ltd. You can see a listing of these companies in the record for one of them, Merkato UK, at

If you search for her name on the Net, you will find it consistently listed together with an IP address linked to a Bergdorf Group Ltd, which is associated with malware and other shady Internet activities. 

Most interestingly, the very same name appears as the name of a director of “dozens” of companies in New Zealand, including one mentioned in a report about shell companies, which have been set up to launder money and possibly to finance terrorism which you can read at:

The main protagonist in that story, one Stella Georgette Port-Louis, also of Seychellois nationality, is director of hundreds of other companies in New Zealand. She is also director of quite a few companies in the UK, all citing the same registered address in Birmingham as our Home Business System friends, as you can verify here:

Given this background, would you trust Endellion Inter Ltd with your money?

I put out a question on WebAnswers asking for people's experiences with this company. So far, at the time of writing, one person has replied. She signed up, got cold feet, and fortunately got her money returned. That is something at least. The question is here.  


  1. Thank you for your survey. I received the spam from a friend that I had no news since 4 years at least which make me wonder. I looked up further for the company name also. Trying to find info regarding this opportunity and I falled on your survey. You convinced me not to go further in my research. Great idea to make it public via internet. Sorry for my english, I am french speaking.

  2. I too received this via a forward from someone and intend to investigate further. I have not signed up and am leery as I had a similiar experience several months ago and luckily was able to cancel before anything much happened. It's sad in this economy that people insist on trying to push scams on the public, if that is what this is. I remain skeptical at this point that there is any truth to this home business scheme.

  3. Just as I figured, thanks for all your legwork.

  4. James Walter Smith1 July 2012 at 17:02

    If they begged me for the startup money out of desperation to put food on the table I would give them the cash! However don't hide behind a scam (and a poor one at that) and ask for it.

    All in all


    Mabie a permenant trip to Araq would be the best option for them.

  5. Thanks a LOT for this analysis.

    If we have some more responses from experienced users, it will be great to make the final Decision.

    An appeal to the genuine users of this "Home business System" - Please do share your real experiences - both Good and Bad.

  6. Thank you for the wonderful and honest review of this. My wife has been looking for a "home" type job and since most are scams we wanted to research the opportunity first. We will not be taking advantage of this "incredible" offer. Also, the testimonial for our email was Mark Evans.

  7. I wish I had thought to research first, and pay its a lesson learned.

    I don't trust this company either, and other than this blog, there isn't much on internet to point out that one should not do business with this company.

    I even checked the BBB and they gave them an "F", because they wrote on their site, "concerns with the industry in which this business operates" and that "BBB does not have sufficient background information on this business" but they don't have any complaints listed.

  8. just signed up. . . read ur blog and asked for refund. waiting to see how long it takes for them to process that thought. thank you for you research. i am just too trusting, but quickly caught my mistake
    Cheers, y'all

  9. thanks krys williams, you just save me money i don't have, your the best...:-)

  10. Thank you very much! it's really helpful! :)

  11. Also received an email and thought it was too good to be true so did some research and found your blog. First found the info re this dame Agnes and the huge number of companies she is director of - all mysteriously at one of 2 addresses - looked sus to me and then your blog info confirmed my suspicions - thanks

  12. Would be curious to hear if anyone has signed up and actually received a check...

  13. Excellent research. Thanks so much for posting. People like you keep the rest of us "inquiring minds" safe from predators like this spam/scam "deal". Good work.

  14. Good job... thanks.

  15. Thanks to people like you...we all appreciate you. A relative sent it to me that I highly admire. I almost thought about doing it. I truly am thankful you did the work for all of us!

  16. Thanks for the info, I wish we could ban these websites that feed off the poor.