Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Even less reason to choose Helium instead of Hubpages

Hubpages earnings increase substantially

Recently, Hubpages announced a new deal with respect to the ads that are placed on our hubs. Earnings were predicted to rise as a results. In the first month of the scheme, I have been pleased to see that my income from hubs has indeed risen substantially.

For just under 25 hubs, I have earned $17.50 from the Hubpages earnings programme plus approximately another $2.50 from Adsense. Adsense earnings drop if you go on the Hubpages programme, however most people find the changeover works in their favour.

My total of about $20 earned from Hubpages in October is 3-5 times higher than earnings in previous months.

How does Helium compare? 

I have six more articles on Helium than on Hubpages at the time of writing this blog entry. My total earnings from Helium for October amount to $0.78!  

The difference in earnings is now more than 25-fold in favour of Hubpages compared to Helium.

I have been spending an hour or so every 2-3 months being bored out of my mind while rating Helium articles so as to retain my revenue share. For the return I get, it is really not worth effort. Unfortunately, Helium will not let me delete my material to use elsewhere.

Incidentally, Helium seems to have been hurt far more than Hubpages by the Google Panda algorithm updates. Most of my hubs manage to be on the first pages of Google search results even with fairly loose search terms. Helium articles only show up if I search on the exact title. My experiences are not exceptional it seems. There have been many laments on the Helium forum recently about how earnings have plummeted.

I am very glad I did not invest more effort in Helium. I would not be surprised if the site folds as writers desert in droves.

If you want to write and are not sure where to start, join Hubpages. You will learn valuable lessons, which can then be applied to your own sites.

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