Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Flushing inspiration down the toilet

I've mentioned how, unlike Helium, Hubpages offers its authors the freedom to produce hubs to a reasonably open choice of subjects, bar the ones that will get the Google puritans hot under the collar. Sometimes, though, inspiration may be lacking. One potential recourse is the pool of questions asked at HP. Maybe, just maybe you will find ideas there, although the majority are as moronic as typical questions placed on Yahoo Answers.

For some time, in addition, we had the HubMob concept, facilitated by non-staff HP members. Basically, this involved a fairly broad topic being suggested once a week. People would produce hubs relating to the topic, and all these hubs would be interlinked through a RSS feed. There used to be some element of fun in those days. Regrettably, HubMobs are now a thing of the past, and instead we have the "Weekly Topic Inspiration" provided by HP wage minions working to an agenda.

WTI is about as uninspiring as it can get. Recently, it has literally plumbed the lowest depths. Apparently, a new advertiser on HP Ads is a Yankee drain cleaning company - whoopee! So we have had one  "Weekly Topic Inspiration" on kitchen plumbing, which is now being followed by a second one on bathroom plumbing. Truly topics to get the creative juices flowing - not! All bow to the great god Mammon seated on the toilet.

I was about to flag one of these plumbing hubs as low quality, then I noticed vociferous praise had been given to it by an HP minion, sigh...

I still stand by my statement that Hubpages has a way better return than Helium. However, I am very, very glad that membership of HP does not involve an obligation to write "crap" relating to HP Ads advertisers. The day this is enforced is the day I leave.

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